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Welcome to Davidson Farmers Co-op!

Your Hometown Store is who we are.

Davidson Farmers Co-op is a locally owned and operated business. We have a proud history of success and progress that began in 1941 with a group of farmers who put their faith in the “CO-OP” way of doing business. The Davidson Farmers Co-op has evolved through the years but the Co-op continues taking pride in serving our customers where they live, work, and shop.

We encourage you to stop by and see what we have to offer. ANYONE can shop at CO-OP, Your Hometown Store.

Winter PZ 10lb bag

Winter PZ

Winter Peas and Forage Oats with the bonus of Triticale & Clover to make the ultimate cool season food plot. WinterPz can be planted early Spring, late Summer and Fall in most areas to provide instant cool season deer forage.



Shot Plot 2.5lb bag

Shot Plot

The Forage Brassicas in ShotPlot are the most palatable and nutritious forage plants in the world. ShotPlot creates a food plot quickly by growing over 24 inches tall in 45 days. Once mature, deer will begin devouring it as the plants surge with new growth to replace the consumed leaves.



Apple Crush 5lb bag

Apple Crush 5lb bag

Real Apples crushed and blended into a concentrated power powder!


5lb bag


Fall Feast 5lb bag

Fall Feast 5lb bag

REAL sweet potatoes, carrots & pumpkins crushed into a concentrated orange powder.


Chestnut Rage

Chestnut Rage

Chestnut Rage™ contains real crushed chestnuts blended with minerals and proteins.


5lb bag


Sugarbeet Crush 15lb bag

Sugarbeet Crush  15lb bag

Sugar Beet CRUSH is REAL Sugar Beets crushed and blended with fresh heat processed beans into an ultra concentrated one of a kind attractant.


15lb bag


Acorn Rage Drop N Block

Acorn Rage Drop N Block

Made with real acorns, this time-release delivery system combines the taste, scent and sound of falling acorns.

Hang near your stand or shooting lane.


Acorn Rage Infuzed

Acorn Rage Infuzed 5lb bag

Acorn Rage INfuzed™
Many Hunters know that Acorns are capable of attracting deer by the dozens, but once they're gone...they're gone. Acorn Rage Infuzed™ was strategically developed for hunters that want a time released lasting Acorn Attractant.

This unique product is comprised of Real Acorns, vitamins, and minerals that are specially hard cooked into a lasting deer magnet that can draw whitetail for up to 5 weeks.


Acorn Rage 16lb bag

Acorn Rage 16lb bag

Real acorns blended with soybean meal in a process to recreate the taste found in a real ripening acorn that has just hit the ground. Not a flavoring or extract, not a scent or aroma, but a real acorn taste to drive deer into a rage of hunger all season long. Ready to use right out of the bag.

16 pound bag. 


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